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Energy Medicine

Green Blues: When Building Green and the Budget Collide

The Green Blues: When Building Green and the Budget Collide, is a quirky observational documentary following Milt and Chris Ritter who are setting out to build a passive solar “dream” home, green enough to be termed a net-zero energy building, using just the money in their savings. The Green Blues follows the Ritters' through the highs and lows of building their sustainable green home. As construction costs grow and their bank balance dwindles, they are faced with difficult choices, personal stress and the real possibility that this house will never be finished. Dreaming was the easy part.

Rising: The Art and Life of John Waddell

The making and meaning of The Rising as the culmination of a lifetime of John Henry Waddell’s work …as told by the models who posed for it, the models who posed for all of his major work, and the filmmaker who posed 32 years ago. The film explores the artist-model relationship, its influence on the art, the artist, and the model over time, or outside of time.